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Melville Bowl Arena

312 Main Street
Melville, Saskatchewan


Melville Bowl Arena


3 Tournaments In One
Trio- 3 Person Team
Doubles- Random Doubles
Doubles partners will be a card draw every shift

Sunday December 27th 
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM- 5:00PM -7:00PM -9:00PM
Monday December 28th
1:00PM and 3:00PM

Bowl 4 games that count in all events.
Enter as many times as you wish.
Entry $45.00 per Team Per Shift Entered
65% Prize Payout
30% to Trios
20% to Doubles
10% to Singles
5% to Low in All Events
Approximately 65% of Prize pots paid out every shift remainder put in
Grand Champion Prize Pool
$1600.00 in Prize money paid out last year with 53 teams entered

1st game Regular Bowling- 2nd game No Tap
3rd game -Hit The Middle and get a Strike
4th game - 3-6-9 Automatic Strikes

Handicap 100% of 250/ Average date December 23rd 2010
Everyone Welcome No Average Needed

Melville Bowl Arena

24 Hour Tournament

Date: Friday February 4th and Saturday February 5th 2011

Shift Times: Friday 11:30pm Saturday 1:30am - 3:30 am and 6:00am. Second round determined by standings.  Top 12 Teams after 6 games advance to 2 game match play.

Entry Fee-  $100.00 Per 4 Bowler Team

Handicap - 100% of 250 - Average date January 31st 2011

Open to all. If you do not have an average we will establish one for you.

Open to the first 24 paid entries.  Enter now and pick your first shift time.

Prize Payout

1st $300.00         2nd $200.00    3rd  $100.00     4th $100.00

                             Ladies High Single             $25.00

                             Mens High Single               $25.00

                             Prize Payout Based on 16 Teams

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